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Forward thinking Legionella control

At HBE, we continuously focus on innovation, developing new methodologies and consistently enhance the methods we use to reduce water risk.

Our research includes the latest technology for water monitoring, together with some of the most advanced water treatment and monitoring research to ensure that we use the best methods for effective Legionella Control.

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Technical Bulletin Issue 4

In the fourth issue of our technical bulletin, we consider the use of secondary disinfection, such as copper silver ionisation and how it can control problematic water systems.

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Technical Bulletin Issue 3

In this bulletin we look at the impact of the pandemic on Legionella Control with a focus on Healthcare and Education. We evaluate the variations between data recorded in 2019, 2020 and 2021, as well as examining the factors involved.

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Technical Bulletin 2 – Embracing Technology for Proactive Management

RTM technology allows us to analyse live data, trend results, monitor systems 24/7, and for the first time, to generate a realtime profile of a building’s water system, which enables us to pro-actively manage compliance issues before they become a problem, rather than the reactive nature of the traditional approach.

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Webinar: Managing Legionella risks in water systems

Managing Legionella risks in water systems A presentation by Pat McDonald, Technical Director and Industrial Microbiologist, Bluezone Technologies, & Seamus McKeown, Group Water Technical Manager, …

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