Technical Bulletin Issue 1

Welcome to the first HBE Legionella Control Technical News Bulletin. In our everchanging world, data and information analysis has become commonplace and it is no different with HBE.

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Technical Bulletin 1: All about Data

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Legionella Control has become increasingly sophisticated, with much of the decision-making surrounding control methodologies now based upon good quality information and more recently, big data.

HBE have continuously invested in technology and analysis through our R&D program, the results of which we are sharing with you in our series of Technical Bulletins. 

Our R&D team will help shape the future of legionella control and are already influencing the evolvement and development of the legionella control services we offer.

Through a blend of technology and more traditional methods, legionella control in water systems will change from being reactive to predominantly proactive. 

The first chapter of this evolvement will be the rollout of our “no touch” remote monitoring system, HBE24, which we’ll be talking to you about shortly.

Throughout the year we will publish further articles, research findings and interesting insights about legionella control, which will assist us all in controlling the legionella risk in your buildings.

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Technical Bulletin 2 – Embracing Technology for Proactive Management

RTM technology allows us to analyse live data, trend results, monitor systems 24/7, and for the first time, to generate a realtime profile of a building’s water system, which enables us to pro-actively manage compliance issues before they become a problem, rather than the reactive nature of the traditional approach.

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