The Supply Chain module within Bluezone manager is an essential tool for all ISO9001 accredited organisations. This contractor management module supports your organisation to ensure that you’re working with a safe, qualified, accountable and responsible supply chain/contractors.

From analysing the unique needs and demands of your business, the Supply Chain module will provide an expansive solution to pre-qualify, evaluate, audit and monitor your supply chain.

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Supply Chain management system

Key Features

  • Interactive cloud based data portal for all of your supply chain compliance information.
  • An intuitive Red Amber Green (RAG) dashboard that gives you a snapshot status of which organisations in your supply chain are meeting your standards and which are not.
  • Minimise your supply chain risk by ensuring that you only work with compliant organisations.
  • Promotes proactive communication between you and your supply chain through automatic email notifications and a full audit trail, to prevent compliance absences.
  • Assess any risk exposures within your supply chain through continuously monitored and verifiable data.
  • Fully integrated with our E-Learning, Training and Induction modules.

The Supply Chain module will empower you to:

  • Undertake systematic and robust annual Contractor / Supply Chain vendor assessments.
  • Reduce your Supply Chain risk, through maintaining high quality standards for your suppliers.
  • Save time, resource and money by reducing your Supply chain management burden.
  • Create instant access to all your contractors and supply chain organisations.
  • Publish an approved list of Supply Chain and Contractors within your organisation effortlessly.
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