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Copper Silver Ionisation

Water Treatment & Legionella Control through copper and silver ionisation

What is Copper Silver Ionisation and how does it work?

Copper and Silver ionisation is regarded an effective disinfection since it offers long-lasting protection after its application, without causing corrosion to pipes and has been proved to be eco-friendly.

Studies indicate that legionella bacteria is becoming more resilient to control measures such as temperature control, superheat and flush, UV, filtration, chlorine and chlorine dioxide.  Copper Silver ionisation units can be effective in deactivating legionella bacteria and biofilms in domestic hot and cold water systems.

Copper Silver ionisation is a dispersive process that introduces stable, positively charged copper and silver ions into the water system. The ions bond electrostatically with negative sites on bacterial cell walls and denature proteins. This means that ionisation disperses and destroys biofilms and slimes that can harbour Legionella bacteria, which can be inaccessible to other disinfectants.

Control of a water system can take in excess of 30 to 45 days and flow cells should be cleaned periodically to maintain the system. We have seen some great results from this solution and clients have benefited from the energy savings, a reduction in their carbon footprint as well as reducing their scald risk and enhancing their legionella compliance

Benefits of Copper Silver Ionisation

in comparison with other methods of water treatment

Energy consumption

Lower Heating Costs

As Silver and Copper levels become stabilised and effective, temperatures in the system can be lowered leading to lower heating costs, therefore commonly where temperature was the primary control for legionella, elevated hot water temperatures are no longer required

Maintenance saving

Less cleaning and disinfect

less time is required for cleaning and disinfecting the system, biofilm is attacked and removed in water systems, reducing nutrient sources such as sediment, scale, corrosion and both organic and inorganic matter. Less maintenance is required on tanks, calorifiers, taps, TMVs and shower heads.

Capital Investment

Through removal of TMVs

taking away temperature control removes the requirement for Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMVs). Installation of TMVs resolve the scald risk; however these water blenders are proven to proliferate Legionella bacteria. Copper Silver ionisation is a solution to this. Although building regulations now state that the use of TMVs are required for all public areas with vulnerable and young people, with Copper Silver ionisation, Organisations can save thousands on their energy bills and when stabilised, TMVs can be removed.

Non corrosive

Copper Silver does not corrode metals

Copper Silver does not corrode metals

Energy Savings

Reduction in hot water temperatures

reduction in hot water temperatures means energy savings and budget compliance

Eco Friendly

Safe to use (No COSSH concerns)

100% chemical-free operation, unlike Chlorine or Chlorine Dioxide water treatment methods, Copper Silver is provides no COSHH concerns as it is non-toxic, making it safe to handle and safe to the environment.

Validation & Support Service

HBE provide an independent system validation service. Site visits may include any or all of the following, subject to your circumstances:

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