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BOHS P901 Legionella Management & Control in Hot & Cold Water Services

HBE delivers a wide range of Legionella and Water Hygiene training courses

This course is designed to highlight the risks associated with Legionella bacteria and how these risks can be controlled in building hot and cold water systems.

On successful completion of this intensive one day course, the delegate will be able to demonstrate knowledge of:

  • The origins of legionella and the factors which allow it to proliferate to hazardous levels in man-made water systems.
  • The main conditions which cause legionella infection to occur in susceptible individuals.
  • The fundamental principles of assessing the risk of exposure to legionella in domestic hot and cold water systems.
  • The legal requirements, approved codes of practice and best practice guidance.
  • Implementation of legionella control regimes with suitable monitoring programmes and records.

The course content covers:

  • Introduction and history of the organism
  • Legislation and Guidance
  • Risk Assessment of Systems
  • Operational Control
  • Outbreak Investigation procedures
  • Record Keeping
  • Case Studies

Course suitable for:

Delegates needing a thorough understanding of Legionella Risk and how it can be controlled in hot and cold water systems.

Course Requirements

This is a level 4 qualification in the BOHS qualifications framework, equivalent to NVQ Level 4 and HNC level.  

Delegates who are new to Legionella Control should consider attending the Legionella Awareness course first (View details here.)

Delegates wishing to attend this course are required to have either completed a Legionella Awareness course or have significant experience with Legionella Control.

There is mandatory pre-course reading of the following documentation, to ensure delegates have a clear understanding of the guidance:

  • ACoP L8 (latest version) Legionnaires’ disease: The control of legionella bacteria in water systems
  • HSG274 (latest version) Legionnaires’ disease Parts 1, 2 and 3

Candidates will also need basic literacy and numeracy skills

Key benefits:


The course completes with a closed-book examination, comprising 20 short answer questions to be answered in 60 minutes.

Successful completion of the exam will lead to a BOHS accredited Level 4 proficiency certificate in Legionella Management and Control of Building Hot and Cold Water Services, which is equivalent to NVQ Level 4 and HNC level.

Please note that this is a highly intensive one day course which requires mandatory pre-course reading.

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