Automatic Outlet Flushing

Automatically flush outlets and monitor temperature to avoid stagnation

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How often should infrequently used outlets be flushed?

In the management of risk from exposure to Legionella bacteria, infrequently used water systems should be flushed on a weekly basis. Temperatures should also be taken. 

Weekly flushing should be implemented to reduce stagnation and the potential for microbial growth. Flushing of outlets are not in regular use, for several minutes can significantly reduce the risk of legionella proliferation in the system

Water stagnation can be prevented by regular flushing of outlets and HBE24’s automatic flushing mechanism can flush outlets and help avoid Legionella bacteria. 

Legionella risk assessments often recommend for infrequently used water outlets such as taps and showers to be monitored and for an employer or anyone responsible for commercial or residential premises, this typically means running the outlets and recording the temperature. If there are a large number of units this means significant costs in labour and management.

HBE24 has developed an all in one solution with compact automatic flushing mechanism that can be easily fitted with little maintenance, which can also record temperatures. All of which feeds back to an intelligent easy to use platform which monitors and controls the flushing regime, stores your required compliance records and provides all reporting.

Automatic Flushing Unit - The Device

Automatic Flushing Unit - Data Transfer

Automatic Flushing Unit -IoT Full Circle

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System Monitoring

24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Notifications & Alerts

Notification about infrequently used outlets.


Surpasses current ACoP L8, HSG 274, HTM04-01 and HPSC compliance requirements.


Reduced security risk as eliminates the need for escorted site visits.

No Access

Minimises disruption to staff, visitors and building users.


Temperature trending and system profiling for high-risk properties


Integrated bespoke reporting capabilities.

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