Working with Non-Licensed Asbestos (Category B) Course

Training on how to work with Non-Licensed Asbestos is a requirement for safely undertaking the removal and/or repair of lower risk asbestos containing materials (ACMs) as part of their duties.

non licensed asbestos removal (category b) training

Course aims

This one day classroom course covers all you need to know on how to safely undertake work with non-licensed asbestos containing materials and comprises both theory and practical elements which are specifically matched to your trade. It also provides an overview of the current requirements of the Control of Asbestos Regulations and importantly defines what asbestos containing materials you can legally work on.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, delegates will:

  • Be familiar with what works are classified as non-licensed.
  • Be familiar with the control measures that will be required to undertake non-licensed work with asbestos containing materials.
  • Understand how to undertake a specific task as laid down in HSG210, Essential Task Manual including, but not limited to:
  • Drilling holes through AIB and textured coating;
  • Removal of small AIB panels;
  • Removal of asbestos cement based products; and
  • Removal of articles containing asbestos such as floor tiles, gaskets etc.
  • Understand the requirements to prevent the spread of asbestos and control exposure when working with non-licensed asbestos containing materials.
  • Understand how to deal with the waste generated from undertaking tasks with non-licensed asbestos containing materials.
  • Know how to adequately decontaminate after working with non-licensed asbestos containing materials.

Course Outline:

  • Asbestos Awareness training.
  • Why the work is non-licensed.
  • The need for employers to assess the work area, and make presumptions as to the type of asbestos contained within the material.
  • The need to make a suitable and sufficient assessment of exposure.
  • The need to prepare a suitable and sufficient plan of work.
  • The requirement for notification, when and how to notify NNLW.
  • The need for training when carrying out work on non-licensed work.
  • How the employer should prevent exposure to employees when carrying out work with asbestos materials.
  • Maintenance of control measures & use of control measures.
  • Practical elements including – decontamination, H-vac, RPE/PPE, basic tasks, waste packaging, storage, transport & disposal of asbestos waste.
  • Provision and cleaning of personal protective equipment.
  • Emergency procedures.
  • Preventing the spread of asbestos
  • Cleanliness of premises and plant
  • Designated areas – Asbestos Zones.
  • Air monitoring – the need for personal monitoring.
  • Health records and medical surveillance for NNLW
  • Requirement of face fits.
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Key benefits:

  • High quality training
  • Delivered by expert trainers

Course suitable for:

Staff involved in non-licensed Asbestos removal.

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Upon successful completion of the end of course open-book exam and practical assessment, the candidates will receive a certificate of attendance supplied by HBE.

Please note that in tandem with our efforts to be more environmentally friendly and in line with our ISO14001 targets,  course certificates will only be submitted in electronic form. Hard copies of the certificates can be provided at an additional cost.

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