Legionella outbreak in Hong Kong Government Offices

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The new Hong Kong Government offices have been subject to checks after water samples in the 517 offices were found to have Legionella Bacteria of up to 14 times above the acceptable limit. Checks were ordered after the Education Secretary became unwell last month and has since been diagnosed as having Legionnaires’ disease.

The 31 samples from the 14 locations have shown positive legionella bacteria samples including the private wash-rooms of the Chief Executive’s Office, the Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury, the Secretary for Labour and Welfare, the Secretary for the Civil Service, the Secretary for Transport and Housing and the Secretary for Security.

Other legionella positive water samples came from other sites including the water taps of the kitchens of CGO’s Canteen and the Dining Hall in the Legislative Council Building, and a tap at the food counter in the bakery.

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