The Inductions module is a unique online induction system that allows you to create and deliver bespoke online inductions to contractors, visitors and employees, even before they arrive on site.

The module is ideal to induct new suppliers and members of the team for a wide range of induction subjects such as company or site information, processes, safety requirements for contractors; Supply chain process induction information; New staff inductions or Specific site information to name a few that we have created for our clients.

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Key Features

  • Introduce new employees to the rules and regulations they need to comply with before starting work
  • Introduce your Culture by providing an overview of the organisation including its history, values & ethics
  • Interactive cloud based data portal allows easy access to your Inductions.
  • Supports new employees by introducing the team and helping them understand their job & where they fit within the organisation
  • Reduces staff downtime, as a member of staff does not deliver the course, inductees do not have to travel and can be completed at any time
  • Induction will reduce the cost of staff turnover within your organisation and increases both customer and employee satisfaction.
  • Intuitive Red Amber Green (RAG) system that alerts you and your team when an Induction is either required, expired or completed.
  • The Induction dashboard provides a snapshot status on all your inductions.
  • Transform your existing PowerPoint or paper-based induction into an interactive online version.
  • No induction material? – Easily create a personalised induction for your company or site.
  • Create online assessments with automatic scoring, to demonstrate understanding.
  • Creates a full audit trail for ISO9001 and OHSAS 18001 audits.
  • Inductions are accessible 24/7 365 on most devices for your Staff, Supply Chain, Visitors and Contractors alike.

The Inductions module will enable you to:

  • Induct visitors/suppliers and staff through a simple self-registration for inductees.
  • Create a range of customised Site specific or Company-wide inductions.
  • Decrease costs and increase staff productivity by reducing the need for time consuming face-to-face inductions.
  • Access a full audit trail of all inductions undertaken, suitable for ISO 9001, OHSOS 18001 and Investors in People audits.
  • Issue an instant Induction Certificate upon completion.
  • Manage Re-inductions through automated alerts.
  • Keep on track with visual RAG dashboard reporting.
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