Cooling tower positive with Legionella Bacteria

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During investigations into the cause of a Legionnaires’ disease outbreak which has claimed the lives of two people and affected 10 others, a brewing company has been found to have legionella positive results in their cooling tower.

Initial investigations of a cooling tower at Bulmers cider in Hereford have confirmed the presence of Legionella bacteria.

According to sources, the company has admitted “possibly positive” results in their cooling tower, however Herefordshire council are still investigating other sources as the cause of this outbreak.

The tests were carried out at Bulmers by Herefordshire council have to be confirmed, but previous tests, carried out each week, have not shown any presence of legionella bacteria.

Andrew Tector, head of environmental health in Herefordshire, said: “It’s important to note that the process to identify the confirmed source of the outbreak continues. Premises are still being visited across Hereford city centre and further afield in a bid to eliminate other potential sources.”

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