Pseudomonas Awareness and Management in Building Water Systems

This one day course in Pseudomonas awareness and Management of in Building Water Systems, has been designed for all healthcare staff involved with patient safety.

City & Guilds Pseudmonas training

Who will benefit?

The course has been designed for all staff involved with patient safety; specifically estates, facilities and infection prevention and control teams, focusing on specific additional measures to control/minimise the risk of P. aeruginosa.

This Pseudomonas management course has been developed to address the issues that surround the management of Pseudomonas bacteria, particularly in a healthcare setting; the management and treatment of water systems, health and safety management, current legislation, good practice procedures and to provide a review a selection of outbreaks and incidents.

Course aims

To provide delegates with an understanding to the background to Pseudomonas, the diseases it causes; identify where and what it needs to thrive.

The objectives

Delegates will acquire the skills and knowledge to:

  • Be aware of the history and identify the nature and sources of Pseudomonas bacteria.
  • Have an awareness of the different of the different diseases in susceptible people caused by Pseudomonas and how transmission occurs.
  • Have an understanding of the legislation and guidance which should be observed to manage Pseudomonas bacteria.
  • Value what an organisation has to do, to comply with the law and guidance.
  • Understand the main remedial actions required to reduce the risk – including a water safety plan, risk assessment (clinical hygiene and engineering) and management of the risks.
  • Identify how to protect augmented care patients.
  • Appreciate the design and selection of water outlets and fittings and the use of approved materials.
  • Be conscious of how P. aeruginosa causes problems in the water supply
  • Realise the need for sampling and how to carry out water sampling and testing
  • Reduce the risk and implement preventative measures including best practice advice
  • Understand the risks, be aware of responsibilities and lines of communication
  • Be aware how risks should be managed and the importance of keeping records

This one day course is usually run on client premises and can therefore be organised to suit your timetable. A minimum number of delegates is required.

For further information about this course and to request a quote, contact the training team on 0845 6399 673 or email

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Key benefits:

  • Delivered by world class trainers
  • Developed by leading practitioners

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