Some frightening research, undertaken for the HSE, has uncovered the extent to which tradespeople need to wake up to the facts on identifying and managing Asbestos safely.

The following were the key findings:

  • 1 in seven (14 per cent) respondents believed that drinking a glass of water will help protect them from asbestos dust
  • One in four (27 per cent) believed that opening a window would help to keep them safe from Asbestos fibres
  • Only a third (30 per cent) were able to identify all the correct measures for safe asbestos working, whilst more than half (57 per cent) made at least one potentially lethal mistake in trying to identify how to stay safe.
  • Whilst 53 per cent of respondents knew that asbestos could be in old buildings built before 1970, only 15 per cent knew that it could still be found in buildings built up to the year 2000.
  • And finally, although many of those surveyed could pinpoint some asbestos-containing materials, others were clueless, with only 19 per cent recognising it could also be hidden in common fixtures such as toilet seats and cisterns.

The research was undertaken by Censuswide in September 2014, to support a new campaign by the HSE to raise awareness in the trades about the dangers of Asbestos.

Materials in buildings which where constructed before 2000, may contain Asbestos and the key message is that it is better to be safe than sorry.

If you have come across some suspicious material, contact your local HBE office for one of our qualified surveyors to take a sample.