Asbestos hbeA textile company in Carmarthenshire has been fined £25,000 after being found guilty of failing to protect its employees and visitors from asbestos.

The company hired unqualified contractors to carry out work on the roof of its factory, exposing both workers and visitors to their premises to potentially deadly asbestos-containing materials. Both the company and contractor were aware that asbestos sheeting was within the roof structure, however they both failed to identify the material on the purlins, which turned out to be Asbestos.

During the works, factory employees were allowed to access the works area, putting them in direct risk of exposure.

The Court heard the incident had cost the company £800,000 and that the decontamination took two and a half months and involved eight men.The Contractor had never had an asbestos licence or UKAS accreditation and is reported to have since been struck off by Companies House for non-compliance.

Source: BBC