The Health and Safety Executive Northern Ireland (HSE NI) has reported a sharp increase in the number of fatal workplace accidents in their annual statistics.

Twenty-three people were killed in workplace fatalities, with a further three deaths reported to local authorities, making it the worst year for fatal Occupational Health & Safety accidents in Northern Ireland’s recent history.

This compares to eight workplace deaths in 2013/14 and is still significantly higher than the last five-year average of 15 deaths per year.

Poor Health and Safety practices are to blame

HSE Nothern Ireland

HSE NI also has major concerns about poor health and safety practices found in some parts of the local construction, waste and recycling, and extractive industries. For example, last year a targeted inspection campaign found evidence of poor standards and dangerous practices on a number of Northern Ireland’s construction sites.

HSE NI reports that the inspectors continue to see evidence which they suggest means that it’s only a matter of time before another fatality occurs on a waste and recycling site.

Source: HSENI