A Property Management agents’ responsibilities regarding fire are set out clearly in legislation both in Ireland, Northern Ireland and throughout the rest of the UK.

Do you know your duties under the law?

In Ireland, the Multi-Unit Developers Act 2011 states that Property Managers or Owner Management Companies (OMCs) have the responsibility for the management, identification and delivery of Mechanical & Electrical Maintenance including Fire Safety Systems and to ensure that the buildings comply with the Fire Services Act 1981.

In Northern Ireland, all property management agents also have clear mandate to undertake compliance duties under the relevant Fire Safety law.  This was seen with the prosecution of a Northern Ireland property management company that failed to comply with Fire Safety legislation for a shopping centre that it was managing in the UK. The company in question received a fine of £25k.

There are cases of prosecutions for non-compliance to fire regulations in Ireland too. The most famous of which involve two long running disputes over the Ard Dealgan apartment complex in Dundalk, Co. Louth and the Priory Hall complex in Dublin. Both apartment complexes failed to meet fire safety standards and tenants were ordered by the courts to vacate their homes.

As a property manager, it is essential that you understand your compliance responsibilities as well as those of your clients. To understand more about compliance and to make sure you are undertaking your legal duties correctly, join us at our Compliance Breakfast Seminar on 25th November in the Double Tree by Hilton in Dublin.