Jacqeline Byrne HBEName: Jacqueline Byrne
Job Title: Director of Business Development, HBE and BIFM Committee member

What’s best about your job?

Every day I get to interact with people from so many diverse backgrounds. The variety in my role means that I get to engage with so many different individuals with varied ambitions and of course being in Northern Ireland, you will always find that you know someone in common which makes it a little bit easier to make the connections that drive our business.

What made you go into business?

After I graduated in Occupational Psychology, I really wanted to use my degree to make a difference in the business world rather than in an assessment centre setting. This led me into business and here at HBE while of course the focus is on driving growth, we are very much like a large family, which makes for a great team ethos and environment.

Have you ever felt threatened in business?

I haven’t event felt threatened as such, but more under intense pressure. My goal is to deliver a service of the highest of standard and when you are working with real life or death issues in the balance – especially in a healthcare environment – you will of course feel the pressure.

Do you aspire to be like anyone in business?

During my early years, I was lucky to have a fantastic mentor. I learned so much about how to never give up and to forge ahead to find a solution. His philosophy was that there is always a solution. We may not like it, but there is always a solution!

What do you define as your greatest success?

Apart from my family and how proud I am of my boys, I feel that my greatest success is juggling the responsibilities of my working life with my family life. I am full of admiration for working mums who juggle their responsibilities like me, as I know it really isn’t easy!

If you had a market stall, what would you sell?

I would bottle up that “Je ne sais quoi” element that some people seem to have in making their ideas come to life and distribute it to all business owners. I see some great examples of this at the British Institute of Facilities Management Awards, part of the annual BIFM Ireland Region conference. The diversity and strength of the entrants at these awards really reflect the certain something you need to succeed in business and I always come away inspired.

Do you always admit your mistakes?

Honesty is something that people think I have too much of – even when it comes to me and any mistakes I make. However, if it’s related to anything concerning my husband or children, then they’ve usually pointed out how I made the mistake in the first place!

Do you work when you go on holiday?

With my responsibilities as a BIFM Committee member and the work that goes into our annual conference and awards as well as my role at HBE – it can be hard to switch off completely. There is a standing joke in the office that I have my iPhone glued to me even when on holiday – so the answer is yes!

What would you like your epitaph to be?

There’s so much to do before I get there that I haven’t thought about it yet. I live every day to the full so when my time is up, I won’t have any regrets. Perhaps “No Regrets” would be appropriate then.

As published in the News Letter November 2014

Jacqueline Byrne is the Director of Business Development at HBE Management. She is responsible for business development throughout the UK and Ireland. She has also been an active member of the BIFM Ireland (Northern Ireland) Committee since 2012.