A legionnaires’ disease outbreak in Majorca which claimed the life of a British tourist and affected a further 26 people, has been traced back to a hotel outdoor Jacuzzi.

The regional health authority has not disclosed the name of the affected hotel, but said in a statement “We were informed of 27 cases of legionnaires’ disease linked to a particular area of Palmanova. The people affected included 26 foreign tourists who had stayed in hotels in the resort, 20 of whom were from the UK.”

Other sources with elevated counts of Legionella bacteria are reported to have been found in the area during the investigation by the health authority and the police, however the particular strain found the reported cases, appear to have all come from the unnamed hotel’s jacuzzi.

Jacuzzis are very popular at spa and holiday resorts, however it is essential that they are well maintained, cleaned and routinely tested. One infected tub can affect a large number of people, as seen with the retail warehouse display hot tub in Stoke On Trent in 2012 and now potentially in Majorca.