The recent prosecution of a fire risk assessor illustrates how important it is to check that a contractor is suitably qualified to undertake a fire risk assessment on your premises.

In this instance, a fire risk assessor has been found guilty of failing to provide an adequate risk assessment to a large restaurant. The sole trader was prosecuted by Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service under Sections 9 and 17 of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

The sole trader pleaded guilty at the Magistrates Court, and was ordered to pay £7,383 in fines and costs.
The risk assessment that the risk assessor had been employed to undertake was found to be unsuitable. It did not make any provision for the sleeping risk, the inadequate means of escape, the lack of fire doors, an inadequate fire alarm system, and the inadequate fire fighting equipment on premises.

institution of fire engineers IFEFurthermore, the sole trader serviced the fire-fighting equipment that was there, when he was neither qualified or trained to do so, plus failed to service the equipment to any appropriate standard.

This was seen by the court as a failure in his duty to undertake the work to an appropriate standard, which placed people using the premises at the risk of death or serious injury in the event of a fire.

ifpo-hbe-230x230It is your duty to check the credentials of any Fire Risk Assessor before you contract them to undertake any work. To find an accredited fire risk assessor, visit the website of Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE) or the Institute of Fire Prevention Officers (IFPO).

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