Ian Wilcock HBE Asbestos ManagerLancashire County Council has paid out £672,094 in compensation and costs over the last four years to people with conditions linked to asbestos, according to a legal firm specialising in Asbestos claims.

Since 2010, 17 people have contacted Lancashire County Council regarding asbestos claims. One of the cases was related to asbestos-related cancer, one to asbestosis and 12 are related to mesothelioma. So far, according to the source, there have been three pay outs with six claims still ongoing – one of which has received a £50,000 interim damages payment.

A key fact in all these claims is that all but one of the claimants were employed by Lancashire county council during the time frame of 1950 onwards.

Ian Wilcock, Senior Asbestos Consultant at HBE said “The cumulative value of compensation payments such as these, could bankrupt many organisations and yet still the message isn’t getting through. This is clear when you read the results of a recent HSE survey, which showed that there are still significant levels of ignorance about the dangers of asbestos.”

He went on to say “It is essential that all organisations understand their legal duties regarding asbestos and relating to the management of this potentially deadly material within their buildings. If you and/or your organisation is responsible for buildings constructed before the year 2000 and you don’t have an up-to-date asbestos survey for each building, then call us today. We’re here to help.”

HBE are running an Asbestos Awareness Training course at the Malmaison Hotel, Liverpool on Tuesday 24th February. >Read more about the course or call us on 0151 708 8158 to speak to us about a survey or to book your place on the Awareness training.