Health & Safety Executive HSEThe HSE has published the results of the asbestos in schools inspection initiative In England, which took place in 2013/14 where the HSE inspected a random sample of 153 non-local authority schools.

From these inspections, 29 per cent received written advice from HSE i.e. they were not compliant, and a shocking further 13 per cent were subject to enforcement action, in the form of improvement notices.

The improvement notices set out a requirement for recipient schools to improve arrangements for managing asbestos. Enforcement action was taken over failures such as training staff and producing written management plans which are vital elements of the required control measures.

This is a clear indication of how organisations are turning a blind eye to their compliance responsibilities. If this is a representative sample of the sector, it is likely that there are thousands of schools, business premises and other properties where the asbestos is not adequately managed within in Great Britain, Northern Ireland and Ireland.

The HSE, HSENI and the HSA in Ireland are all stepping up their enforcement for Asbestos. If you operate. manage or own a buiding built before 2000 and have not undertaken an Asbestos Survey and where Asbestos is found to be present, an up-to-date effective Asbestos Management Plan, then contact your local HBE office today