Before the next freeze arrives

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Freeze glycol protection in closed loop systemsWith long range weather meteorologists forecasting a drier but colder winter, now is the time to start protecting your building’s water systems.

You may already have Glycol (antifreeze) added to your closed loop systems, however as many building managers, especially with empty / void properties, have found to their peril over the last two years, it is essential to check that the Glycol reserves are sufficient within the systems to withstand the forecast temperature drops.

At HBE, we recommend that your systems should have a minimum of 10% Glycol, which will protect you to a temperature of -3oC, however with the freezing conditions forecast, dependent upon your situation, we would suggest you consider protecting your system to -15oC (approx 30%).

At HBE, we can help you with the following:

  • Initial surveys of closed loop systems to determine the water chemistry and from that decide on an appropriate plan of action;
  • Supply both Mono Propylene (Food Grade) & Mono Ethylene (Industrial Grade) Glycols;
  • Provide dosing of Glycols, Inhibitors and Biocides.

If you require any further information or help, please contact your local HBE office or email

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