Another Legionella Threat…nebulizers

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With the common cold comes another Legionella threat

Legionnaires’ disease or legionellosis can be found in nebulizers used to treat congested nasal cavities and bronchial tubes by spraying liquids that have been broken down into mist.

Legionella bacteria are more commonly found to breed in places such as air conditioning units, neglected water storage tanks, jacuzzis, hot tubs, architectural fountains, ice-making machines, vehicle washing facilities, evaporating coolers and even in windscreen fluid bottles.

The latest warnings come as Legionella bacteria are also found in water that is at room temperature and therefore possibly used in cold-mist and warm-mist nebulizers.

The advice from Health professionals is that when nebulizers are used, they should:

  • Be emptied daily, wiped clean, dried and filled with boiled water that has been cooled before use.
  • Weekly, the inside of the device must be cleaned with an appropriate cleaner
  • At the end of period of use, the device should be thoroughly cleaned and dried before being stored away.

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