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Another disaster avoided through routine Legionella sampling

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Shower head Legionella bacteriaHigher than acceptable levels of Legionella Bacteria have been found in Shower heads through routine testing at a Community Centre in Scotland.

It would appear that at last the message is getting though and that organisations are heeding the lessons learned from Edinburgh and Stoke on Trent. Dundee City Council discovered the health risk through the process of routine sampling; a process that many organisations still fail to undertake, even to the legal minimum standards under ACoP L8.

Dundee City Council have advised that the shower area had been closed and the water system thoroughly treated. A council spokesman said: “As a result of routine water sampling, Dundee City Council can confirm that legionella bacteria have been found in the shower heads at Menzieshill Community Centre.

“The city council follows a rigorous health and safety regime which includes regular testing for legionella bacteria.”

NHS Tayside also confirmed that it had received no reports of anyone falling ill.

Source: BBC

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