11 deaths & 169 infected in Quebec Legionnaires’ Outbreak

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Legionnaires’ disease has claimed another life in Quebec, bringing the totals to 11 deaths and 169 people who have been infected since July.

According to the health authorities, the city has inspected and disinfected 130 cooling towers in 75 establishments around the city. Plus around 30 buildings have been reinspected to ensure the owners have complied with clean-up directives.

The Quebec City Mayor Régis Labeaume is reported as stating tha he wants the public health board to release the locations of buildings where officials have discovered legionella bacteria.

According to the public health department, many building owners have failed to respond to the government’s request to inspect their cooling towers.

This has resulted in action being taken by the regional health authority, who have ordered that building owners keep a minimum of chlorine in the cooling towers’ water at all time. To support this, Officials inspecting the cooling towers are giving owners information kits on how to maintain a level of sanitation that conform to the new standards.

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