Asbestos Project Management

As one of the leading asbestos consultancy firms, we have many years of experience in project managing asbestos contracts and are therefore able to bring you the best asbestos project management solutions available.

To attest to our quality of service, we are accredited and routinely audited by UKAS for asbestos surveying.

Our asbestos services allow you to have the confidence and peace of mind to continue with your normal daily activities; knowing that your asbestos project is being expertly managed; using our Consultants’ considerable experience and knowledge to ensure that every detail is completed to the exact standards and parameters.

Our focus is to deliver a project that is managed both efficiently and effectively and to the high standards you would expect from us.

Whilst many clients use our expertise to project manage their asbestos removals, we also have the capability and experience in completing all aspects of the project, ranging from full tendering processes, procurement, CDM requirements etc;  to managing the clearance certification and sign off.

What is Asbestos Project Management?

Any licensed asbestos works in the UK are required to be undertaken by a current HSE licensed asbestos removals contractor. Works in the Republic of Ireland require Notification to the HSA, who may undertake an inspection.

A supervisory role is required to oversee and regulate that all works are completed to the highest standards ensuring the safety of anyone who may be involved with the project, either directly or indirectly.

This supervision ensures that all works are completed in full accordance with your instructions and as such, our supervision gives you peace of mind that the completed works include everything that has been paid for.

We recommend that such supervision is independent of any asbestos removal contractor to avoid any conflicts of interest.

Our consultancy service includes the following:

  • Initial consultation with the client and design team to determine the overall scope of works;
  • Carry out a demolition and refurbishment asbestos survey to ascertain the level of asbestos contained within the  building. Further localised surveys may be required as construction works progress;
  • Interpret the findings of the available information from the relevant survey reports and findings;
  • Ensure the appointment of PSCS and PSDP;
  • Prepare PQQ and ITT documents and specifications related directly to asbestos removal works;
  • Provide an agreed level of asbestos technical assistance to the client’s Architect and Quantity surveyor for their preparation of drawings and Bill of Quantities;
  • Provide assistance in assessing the competence of asbestos removals contractor(s);
  • Attend site meetings when required;
  • Ensure that methods  statements and risk assessments are developed by the Principal Contractor and safe  systems of work are adhered to as part of the Health and Safety Plan;
  • Ensure that appropriate techniques and methods are used in the removal work;
  • Monitor site preparation and cleanliness to meet the client’s satisfaction and comply with Health and Safety Legislation;

We check that:

  • Arrangements are in place for waste removal and that transit routes are detailed and adequate;
  • The plan of work is in line with the client’s specified requirements;
  • The plan of work is understood and signed by each contractor;
  • The medical surveillance records for each asbestos operative are in date and available for inspection;
  • The asbestos removal operatives hold a face fit certificate for their chosen respirators;
  • Chair regular progress meetings (when required);
  • Ensure that the contractor follows the plan of work and does not deviate from the written instructions unless authorised by the regulating body;

We also check that:

  • The Smoke testing of asbestos enclosures is recorded, witnessed and detailed;
  • Enclosure integrity inspections are undertaken daily and recorded;
  • Make certain that the client is informed of any amendments to the plan of work or site activities;
  • Check the asbestos waste documentation and ensure that the client receives copy of “Chain of custody” waste documentation for their records.

Throughout the removal process, HBE will manage Air monitoring at strategic times to ensure compliance and independence, in line with the regulations, thus giving  assurances that a safe working environment is provided.

Once the asbestos removal works are completed, we will request a handover meeting, where after discussion with all relevant parties and once client satisfaction has been reached, a completion certificate will be delivered to the client for submission in the site safety file.

HBE will then carry out a review of your asbestos management policy plan and asbestos register to make the necessary amendments and recommendations to ensure that any ACMs left in the building are managed appropriately in all contracts.

For further details about our consultancy and project management services or for a quote, call 0333 207 5744 or email

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